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Coming from Dawn’s post looking for Niceville?

Yes, it’s a real place – Niceville, FLMullet Festival

Yes, you can attend the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival every October. It celebrates the fish, not the hairdo. But I’ll guarandamnteeyou you’ll see hundreds of mullet haircuts. I’ll see you there!

Yes, I lived there from age 2-19. My parents still live there where my dad calls “paradise.”

The View from Here

To go along with my post yesterday, I’m going to start posting pics from around my house.  Maybe it’s a call for help, or maybe it’s going to be cathartic.  Either way, I hope it gets me off my ass to clean up.

Below is a picture of my half-painted toes up on the recliner.  You can see the laundry basket of dirty laundry sitting under the TV and my laptop on my lap.  This is me.

My Toes

Blog Day – August 31, 2007

Happy Blog Day! Did you get your Hallmark Blog Day card? I didn’t. But to celebrate, here’s my assignment:

1. r blog – Rosie O’Donnell’s blog about everything in her life and the world. It is her mission to encourage people to ask questions, demand answers, and relate to her stranger-friends. I consider her my stranger-friend.

2. BECAUSE I SAID SO – Mom of 6, Dawn, has recently become viral-/blog-famous because of her eBay posting selling Pokemon cards her kids sneaked into her shopping cart. She’s now experiencing sudden web-fame with her witty stories about her 6 kids. And she let me advertise on her site. A truly laugh-out-loud experience. Seriously. Wear Depends if you’ve birthed kids.

3. and I wasted all that birth control – Mom to 2-year-old Tori speaks of her experiences mothering her daughter in real, true feelings on “paper.” At times she can be a little crude, but all the more reason to love her. I feel a certain kinship with her and her struggles with weight and mothering. I love her because she showed her nipple. Yup. I said it.

4. Cool Mom Picks – The quintessential “check this out” shopping site where moms (alright, and dads) can find the neatest stuff for kids. Check it daily for neato things.

5. TMZ – I never, ever visit this site. Ever. Not 3-5 times a day. Not ever. I don’t care what’s going on in the lives of people I don’t know. Nope. Never visit. Ever.

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TV Rehab for Toddlers?

Is there such a place? Or can someone detox my 3-year-old?  I know.  I’ve done it to her.  We’re (me really) TV
obsessed here in the homestead (AP), so we were delighted to have our daughter enjoy it as well.  That’s all backfired.  It’s become her full-time focus.  Watching Dora, Baby Einstein, Little People, Mickey Mouse, MooseZee (Noggin) constantly.  I tried taking away the TV time this evening, but with only a 90 min nap, that wasn’t pretty.  I caved.

So I ask – is it gradual? Is there a TV detox pill?  Cold turkey?


Yes, I know. Toddlers shouldn’t watch TV. Don’t tell me what I don’t already know. Just some help.

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