Breaking Point

How do you know when you’ve reached your breaking point?

  • Is it when the kids make their 7th trip out to the living room after “tucking” them in to bed?
  • Is it when you’re on a business call and one kid is crying, “IwannacolorMama IwannacolorMama IWANNACOLORMAMA IWANNACOLORMAMA” and the other is crying because she can’t find her pacifier?
  • Is it when you really just want to lie down for 15 minutes because you didn’t get to bed until after 1am the night before and the kids were up at 7:30 and you can’t lie down because the kids are coloring the walls?
  • Is it when all you want to do is sit by yourself and eat without a whining kid insisting on sitting on your lap?
  • Is it when you realize you have only $150 to last you 10 days until the next payday?
  • Is it when you find the dishes haven’t been done in 3 days and the kitchen is starting to emote a stench of rotten cheese and curdled milk?
  • Is it when one of the dogs pees on the floor for no apparent reason?

I guess the moon is in the 7th hour because every other post I read is a frustrated mom wanting a day off. JUST ONE DAY OFF. As a mom, we don’t get a day off. I don’t have a time card that tells me I have to “work” from 8am-5pm and then leave it on my desk. My job lasts 24/7 – the worrying, the cleaning, the momness. I love my job, but even moms need one day off from momness.

Just one day off.


Or just really strong meds. Either one would be awesome.


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  1. Aw!! Sounds like you need to take a “sick day!” Heh.

  2. I want to sleep for nine hours straight. Twice in a row. That would be neat. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve done that more than three times since Isaac was born! I’m tired!

    We all need a day off. The problem with that is that I would love if for a few hours and then I’d spend the rest of the day worrying about what was going on while I was away. It never ends!

  3. I know…day off? What’s that? The Mom gig is waaaaay beyond a full time job! I hope it gets better for you…I know sometimes that seems like a tall order, would a milkshake help?;)

  4. Oh how blissful a day off would be!!! I’m with ya!

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  6. Sleeping 9 hours in a row? Ha.
    That hasn’t happened since I was about 6 months pregnant.

    However, my husband and I have agreed that we
    each get “a night off” once a week. So, every Tuesday when he gets home
    I get to leave and do whatever I want for as long as I want.

    It’s sweet. This week I read a book, uninterrupted, for 1 1/2 hours. Then I helped him. Next week I am going out to dinner with a girlfriend.
    That will take longer than 90 minutes…

  7. I feel the same way sometimes when I’m at home working and I have a screaming 3 year old in the background. So unprofessional but it has to be done.

    Also if you want to check out my other blog head over to

    have a good friday!

  8. here is my secret plan and I will share it with you. It hasn’t worked yet, because I have been unfortunately healthy. 🙂

    Get sick, then don’t take care of yourself, (not difficult to do), then wait to go to the doctors until you get really sick and they have to admit you to the hospital. bam. day off. It may not be the spa, but you will have people waiting on you. you also can catch up on the sleep and reading you have been wanting to do, along with some tv. You might even score a bonus of flowers!

    Do you think there might be something wrong if this actually does sound somewhat appealing to me? yeah. thought so.

  9. Holy crabs. That is the GREATEST idea EVER! After I had my 1st, I actually went through withdrawal from the hospital. I had a nurse on call, free (good) food arriving any time, and someone cleaning up after me. For about 2 days after we came home, I just wanted pancakes whenever I felt, but I didn’t want to ask my mom or husband to do it. I wanted free hospital pancakes dammit. I still think of them…

    I have been in the hospital for non-birthing reasons, and it SUCKED b/c I was in excruciating abdominal pain the whole time sharing a room with a drunk smelly lady who crapped her bed and the floor, so I didn’t get to eat. It SUCKED! I was in pain meds for the duration, so I didn’t get to enjoy the rest time. Plus, it was before kiddos, so I didn’t really appreciate the time off.

    I did get to go on a cruise a few months ago with the women in my family, but I had to share a cabin w/ my mom and sister. I was the one staying in the room the whole time napping. Seriously. They made fun b/c I kept wanting to go back and sleep. I was the only one with toddlers, so I got sympathy for that. I miss the cruise ship bed comforter, even if I had to watch CNN 24/7.

    Thanks for the idea. I will give it considerable thought.

  10. Your picture totally sums up my week. I would give you a day off if I had one to give. But alas, no rest for the weary.

    Does it help to know you are in the company of about a bajillion other moms who feel the same way? Nah. I didn’t think so. But still loving the picture and am ready print it out as a note card for everytime someone asks me for something. Just flash it at them!

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