Yes, I’m a Mama Blogger, Sucka!

The last few weeks have been a real education for me in getting to know my fellow peeps, Mommy Bloggers. I’ve been in the Internets world hot and heavy for the last year with my business site, Good for the Kids, an online retail store (*Self-Promotion Alert!*). But I’ve really stepped in it jumped into Blog World with both feet, arms, and head the last few weeks.

I’ve been blog surfing the Mommy Blogs for hours a day while my children were pouring milk on the dog and coloring walls reading quietly educating myself on what makes a good blog, what makes me pee and others laugh, and possibly making a bit of moolah from my blog. I’ve added tons of blogs to my reader that I check 20-30 2-3 times a day and have added most to my ‘roll. (If you don’t see yourself there, lemme know & I’ll add ya!) I am really upset that some other moms do to like being called a “Mommy Blogger.” Do they feel they are different in any way? Just a question.

So in my quest for the perfect blog (other than my own – expect a new design soon!), I’ve found some real gems. Here are some of my faves:

1. Blog Name: Nap Warden – Because I need her at my house to ward over my non-nappers.

2. She-Makes-Me-Cool-‘Cause-We’ve-Been-Emailing-for-3-Weeks: BECAUSE I SAID SO – Everyone knows Dawn blog and her story. Don’t be jealous b/c she’s been my email buddy for 3 weeks. I pay her to be my friend. Well, at least pay to advertise on her blog.

3. I Can’t Wait to Comment (tie): BECAUSE I SAID SO – duh (see above), The Whole Family – I like her outlook and I might have a blog crush on her, and Busy Mom – I have a blog crush on her, too, and she gets me lotsalinks.

4. Picsdooce – Purty pics of her family, stuff, and especially her dog.

5. TaglineMom-101 – “I dont’ know what I’m doing either.” Says it all.

6. Award Cherry PopperVDog and Little Man – My new Cre8Buzz friend gave me an award just because I cried and whined for it. Thanks!

7. Product ReviewsCool Mom Pics, Chic Mommy Finds (thanks for reviewing my stuff!), googababy, and Mighty Goods. I’m always up for shopping and having my own stuff reviewed, so if you wanna review my products, lemme know! (*Self-Promotion Alert!*)

So, to all you fellow women bloggers who think you’re too good to be called a “Mommy Blogger,” if you’re a Mom and you blog, you’re a Mommy Blogger, sucka.

I am PROUD to be called a Mama Blogger! (I’m called Mama, not Mommy, so I figured I couldn’t change my name for you people.)

Maybe I should make a t-shirt, “I’m a Mommy Blogger, Sucka!” Cause I have time for that while the milk in the sippy cups in the sink curdles.


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  1. Gee…I’m blushing. Thanks for giving me the shout out. And, I’m completely ok with being a mama blogger. It’s my hobby and my 2nd life kinda…he…he…

  2. I’m A Mommy Blogger, Sucka!! And I’m PROUD! LOLZ

    Thanks for the shout-out. I’m all for asking for what you want. You never know, you might just get it!

    Hang loose!

  3. This post was awesome! I am not ashamed about being a Mommy Blogger (my 2 yr old just started calling me mommy instead of Momma). I am SO posting about this on my blog.
    BTW- I just checked out your store and it is great! I can’t wait to wander through and check everything out.

  4. I loved this post. I am not a Mama yet but I would be a Mama Blogger proudly. You go girl!

  5. I think there are two brands of people who reject the “mommy blogger” label:

    1) people who think they are cooler than the mommy bloggers (and who assume that mommy bloggers do nothing but chronicle every bowel movement of their preshus child)

    2) people who think that “mommy blogger” is a label designed to belittle and dismiss the amazing writing mothers are producing across the interwebs

    Personally, I embrace the mommy blogger – but I have to say that though I’ve encountered some of brand #2, I’ve only ever heard rumours about brand #1. We rock! All must bow before us!

  6. Hmmm… I think mommy blogger is an awesome thing to be labeled.

    I’m going to check out your store too. Looks cool!

  7. Hi. My name is Dana and I……I am a Mommy Blogger.

  8. Thanks so much for the bloggy compliment! Just to make you jealous, my babies are both napping now *bliss*. I am off to shop your store!!!

  9. I think there is a lot of mommy blogger bashing and this may make mommy bloggers a bit hesitant to call themselves that. I remember reading one craptastic post almost a year ago somewhere dissing the MB’s and it sparked a huge wave of controversy. I can’t seem to find the loser now. Ahem.

    Anyway, to quote Popeye “I am what I am.” I’m a mommy blogger!

  10. I’ve been called a lot worse things! (“learning disabled” comes to mind.) I’m happy to be a Mommy Blogger! 🙂
    And thanks for the shout-out, Angie!

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