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I was a HUGE breast-milk-only mom for the first 6mo of my 1st baby’s life, but because I was working and pumping 3-4 times a day, I had to finally give in (the way I felt at the time) to formula supplement. I 100% believe breast is best, however, I do understand the need for formula. My 2nd daughter was weaned at completely at 5 months, and I still wish I had gone longer. But, because I was not able to pump at work for her (different work location), I began to dry up from not pumping all day.

I understand some women are physically unable. My best friend tried SO hard to nurse her son, but developed mastitis in both breasts after 11 days, was misdiagnosed, then became physically unable to nurse. She went through a depressive withdrawal knowing she wanted to breastfeed, but couldn’t. I don’t believe that if you don’t breastfeed that you are less of a mom AT ALL.

As a supporter of breastfeeding, I do think it is a courtesy to cover up if your baby will allow you to do so. At the time I was nursing, I was uneducated in how to breastfeed in public. I wish I had known it was “OK” and a way to educate others that it is OK. I often times would nurse in dressing rooms and bathrooms. Not the nice ones, but standing up in the handicapped stall. I felt embarrassed that my daughter had to eat in a toilet. But I also didn’t know better. We MUST educate women that it is OK to breastfeed and it is OK to do it in public. I don’t believe sitting in the middle of a restaurant boobs-a-flailing is an option, but there are options. For instance, the inside corner of a booth, a private comfortable alcove at a mall, or anywhere you and your baby would be comfortable.
IT IS NOT OBSCENE to feed your child.

It IS obscene to label a nursing baby as sexually explicit.

If you’d like to show some support, go here:

International Breastfeeding Symbol

I’m going to join the Facebook group now to show my support: Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene! (Official petition to Facebook)


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  1. Does facebook think breastfeeding is obscene? That is truly ridiculous. And hey, I’m on facebook too- look me up Tara Jane Robertson.. I also have a link from my blog.

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. And I love that you label yourself a lazy perfectionist. Me too.

  2. Just joined. Thanks!

  3. I love this post. My first child nursed until 2 but my second weaned at 8 months. I have a friend who would have loved to nurse but her daughter was allergic to her milk. So as breast is best we do what we have to do for the best of the family unit. Sometimes we just don’t have that choice. It’s crazy what our culture calls obscene? Thanks for visiting Blessed Nest. Don’t forget to enter our contest.

  4. Great post! Great topic. I nursed four of my babies, though after six weeks with my last I had to stop, and it was very hard for both of us–though such a relief too, because it had been such a nightmare–but that’s a whole different story.

    I agree with you completely on all of your points. Again, awesome post.

  5. I am also a breasfeeder. My son is one and daugher two….I wish I could figure out how to wean, cause I am soooo tired of nursing! But they love the special one on one time they each get and so it goes on. I am a public breastfeeder and my moto has been, ‘hey they gotta eat too.’ I cover up as best possible and go to less traffic-y areas, but I don’t hide. It is natural!
    Love your blog….just came across it.

  6. Hey Angie,

    As a mom who was only able to breastfeed eleven days (BETWEEN ALL THREE KIDS!), I really appreciate this post. It’s such a great one! THanks for sharing!

  7. I didn’t get to breastfeed. I tried and couldn’t do it and at the time I didn’t think to join a breast feeding group or la leche league or anything like that…

    I would have given anything to be able to do it.

    I’m still upset about it.

  8. Sigh. If boobs a-flappin’ had been what it took to nurse in public, I would have done it. My modesty threshold is pretty low and I tend to assume that other adults should be able to handle the sight of a baby eating and if they can’t they can instead exercise the option of turning away. The needs of the helpless infant trumps the embarrassment of the adults.

  9. Oh, and clickety X5, though I don’t know how your ads work for you since they aren’t Google ads.

  10. My son was 6 weeks early and I wasn’t able to breastfeed him although the nurse kept trying to force me to, I was FURIOUS!

    The genius boy is just fine, nevertheless πŸ˜‰

  11. I am not a Mama yet, but I am the daughter of a woman that whole heartedly supports doing so. She breast fed both my sister and I. I can not wait until I can breast feed my own babies. I think feeding your baby is the most beautiful thing in the world but I have to agree that boobs-a-flailing is not the way to go.

    Thanks for this beautiful post. I am going to show my support on my blog.


  12. You earned two points extra credit. I tried to add you as a friend on the Buzz thang, but my compy had a serious crash dump, so now I’m on the other compy. Send me a request if you’re still on Buzz, I gotta go get a nap and will be back on later.

    Here’s my breastfeeding diatribe. It’s long, but I wanted to be “fair and balanced” (HEH), because even though I’m a lactivist, I don’t think formula is evil πŸ˜‰ If you can get through THAT post, I think you’ve aced the whole semester. LOL.

    Little Man was 8 weeks early, and though it took a while for him to learn, we are still going strong on the breastfeeding at 8+ months. Yay for us!

  13. I am one of those mommies who always tried but never produced enough milk to satisfy my youngsters. It was stressful and sad the first two times, but with Evie I just relaxed and realized it was okay. My sister nursed twins for 15 months and never had a shortage (in fact her husband used to joke that if we ever had a famine they would be fine because they could live off of her frozen milk!), so I figure she got my share. I’m good with that.

  14. I nursed my oldest until she was 2 (I worked. I pumped until she was one). Then with my second life took over and I had to wean her at 9 months. I loved nursing and the closeness it gave me as a working mother. I think the most important thing that mothers can do is support each other. Sometimes I feel that we are all too critical of each other at times. What I choose to do and how I choose to raise my daughters works for me.

    I recently saw an interview on Gwen Stefani and she has to be the poster Mom for hip breastfeeding. She said, “I don’t know when I’m going to stop breast-feeding,” she tells the paper. “I’ll just keep going while I can — like, he’s getting his teeth so it is a little bit scary. He’s bitten me a few times!”

    Here is a link to the article…. Gwen Rocks!

  15. Ask and you shall receive. Click my name to pick up your award.

    Download the photo (or pick up a cooler one from Jennifer (aka Binky Bitch)’s blog), post it along with your recognition of the award (and the fact that I gave it to you, heh), and hand it out to a few others, as ya like. πŸ˜‰


  16. Wonderful post! I too support Breastfeeding 100% unfortunately my son was born with Congenital Heart Defects and recently received a Heart Transplant. I pump all day long because it’s the best thing I can do for him.
    Thanks for spreading the word!

  17. Amen!
    I’m sorry you weren’t able to work out pumping at work. It really isn’t easy!

  18. Great post! I always nurse in public, but I really don’t want anyone seeing my breasts or tummy, so I keep it covered. Not with a blanket, but with my shirt. I’m not going to cover up like I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t think it’s right to PURPOSEFULLY make others uncomfortable to forward a cause I believe in. If they are uncomfortable seeing me nurse my baby and I’m being discreet, then that’s their issue. My baby’s gotta eat and I’m not sitting in a filthy toilet to nurse him. But, you are right, there are lots of ways and lots of places to nurse in public and not be a spectacle.

  19. I’m a breast-feeder. Anytime, anywhere. But as for covering up, I don’t really do it. It’s too hot! I just hike up my shirt a little and people really can’t tell. I suppose it helps that my boobs are nice and long and rest in my lap.

    Nobody has ever said anything to me about nursing in public or covering up – sure, I’ve gotten some looks – but if they aren’t offended enough to say something, I’m not going to get my feathers ruffled over it. Besides, maybe I had a booger hanging or a bright gray hair shining in the sun, or maybe that’s just how those people look, who knows?

    Do you know how many buttcracks I’ve seen? Ewwww. Talk about offensive! Breastfeeding isn’t any worse than bending over in low pants. But that’s my opinion, and isn’t that what this whole controversy is about? Opinion.

    I’m also not opposed to formula, juice, crackers, and cheerios. I’m kinda flexible that way. I sure do love a fat baby though. Feed ’em! Fatten ’em up! Look at ’em smile with those chubby wubby cheekies!

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