Coming from Dawn’s post looking for Niceville?

Yes, it’s a real place – Niceville, FLMullet Festival

Yes, you can attend the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival every October. It celebrates the fish, not the hairdo. But I’ll guarandamnteeyou you’ll see hundreds of mullet haircuts. I’ll see you there!

Yes, I lived there from age 2-19. My parents still live there where my dad calls “paradise.”

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  1. I’m speechless.
    1. There’s such a place as Niceville
    2. They have a fish festival that apparently includes guys with fabulous hairdos.
    3. You have a cool SpongeBob-like talking fish that you just slapped on here like it was nothing. I can’t even get my posts to line up correctly! I want to know how to do cool stuff like that! I’m not sure I want to go to the bad haircut festival though.
    (guess I wasn’t so speechless afterall)

  2. Why yes, yes I am coming by from Dawn’s place. I really want to go visit Toadsuck, Arkansas.

  3. Wow, that’s interesting. I live in Florida, but never heard of Niceville. I am familiar with the mullet fish which is one of my hubby’s favorite jokes every time we go the aquarium. Yeah, he’s cool, but he’s all mine 🙂

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