I’m a Size 4!

Lane Bryant JeansTo my surprise, I went to LB today just hoping to get a few new mom shirts (comfy, yet kind of stylish for the everyday trip to Publix, Target, & dinner), but I found, to my JOY, I’m now a size 4!

Well, in the new Right Fit sizing at Lane Bryant. I just like saying, “I’m a size 4.”

They had a whole section on their new sizing for curvy (ahem) women that is supposed to fit every curvy (ahem) body type. According to Stacey and Clinton, and now Tim & Veronica, you should try on lots of different jeans to find just the right pair. I usually just try on 1 or 2, get pissed at myself, and leave the store broken-hearted.

But today. Today was victory! I found jeans that fit! And leaving with a size 4 pair of jeans was the candied cherry on top. I ended up buying the Right Fit Straight Size 4 Petite (who knew?) dark wash jeans. Plus, they were only $39.95! For me, that’s expensive for 1 article of clothing. But, if they make my ass look good, and I can wear them for 6 months (I’m in Florida), they’re gonna be mine. I cannot WAIT to wear them!

Size 4… I just don’t want to know the equivalent sizing in regular jeans. I’ll just tell everyone I wear a size 4 and have them look at me funny.

BTW – This is NOT an ad. I wish it was so I could get paid, so if you’re listening Ms. Lane Bryant, I’m available. I’m just so happy I found these jeans. 🙂

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  1. Hey! There is nothing better than a great pair of jeans that make your ass look great. Well worth the money.

    I watched Tim’s guide to Fashion last night for the first time. Something about Veronica bugs me. She’s smug and a bit condescending. But I’m biased. I’ve been a Stacey and Clinton groupie since 2004. 🙂

  2. I truly hate buying jeans and i always put it off for much too long.

  3. I’m squinting at those descriptions, and I think I used to be Blue (before kids, when I had a teeny-tiny little waist) and now I’m Yellow – in that any jeans large enough to accommodate my waist are just huge everywhere else.

    I don’t think this makes me feel better. ;(

  4. I always try to fit into my fat jeans from the year before, but I sadly realize each year that last year’s fat jeans are this year’s skinny jeans.

  5. No way! I just wrote my friends about these jeans yesterday! I was a size 3 in the blue label (aka pear shaped women) size. Of course, I know I’m not really a 3 and anyone who looks at me knows I’m not a size 3, but the label says so and I would’ve bought them even if they’d looked hideous just because the label said 3! This is the first pair of jeans I’ve ever had where the waist didn’t stick out 20 inches from my butt just begging people to toss coins into my pants. Plus they had a deal where they took $20 off each pair of pants if you bought 3 or more. Can’t beat that with a stick.

  6. I LOVE their new sizing!! It’s perfect! I love being able to say I’m a size 1! Everyone just kind of looks at me like I’m nuts but I really don’t care!

  7. OMFG! I love these jeans!!

    I’m a Blue size 1, SO AWESOME!!! Makes me hesitant to lose weight, because I know that no other jeans will ever fit me as well. Plus, you know, losing weight is REALLY HARD TO DO. And I’ve got enough to handle at this point….

  8. I can’t get enough of my Zanka Jeans!

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