I can now add blogs to my list of addictions (see: tv, food, my website). I keep finding so many women who have been blogging for months and years, and they are all so insightful, clever, emotional, and heeeelarious.  So, as things go in my puppy dogs and daisies mind, I’m off to keep working on building my list of blogs to my new friend, google reader.

Do you have a blog or want to share one with me?  Please?  I’m now living for comments.

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  1. why hello there! i just came across you via your comment on mightygirl’s blog. i’m a fan of the word “dolt” too! it comes in handy! you make-a-me laff. come visit my blooooog if you’d like…it is a mishmash of this and that. but not the other thing. the other thing is a dolt. HArhHARHAHH!!!!!

  2. I am the same way! I catch myself reading and making comments for WAY longer than I even intended to lately, and the dishes and laundry around here have paid the price!

    I’ll add this one to the growing list of blogs I check way too frequently…:)

  3. My blog isn’t anything but family updates but you should definately read if you don’t already. AWESOME.

  4. It sucks you in… I know!!


  5. Found you through Moosh 🙂 I have a blog, and you are welcome to drop by 🙂

    Your daughter is adorable! Loving the Marx look on her 🙂

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