Is this normal?

I’m sure I’ll ask this same question over and over, and it applies to many queries in the world (growths on your body, someone tattooing a NASCAR number on their chest, what my kids do, etc). But today, the question applies to how smart NaNa shows herself to be.She’s been classified as a late talker with articulation delay by speech pathologists, and I also identify some characteristics of Einstein Syndrome in her behavior in family history. But, today she showed us a new level of intelligence. She and Bear were running around a chair (just in circles for no reason – their own form of burning off energy), and this happened:
P: Uhhhh… Did you hear that?

A: What?

P: NaNa, say again what you were just saying. Listen…

N: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one… blastoff! (Clear as day. Remember, she has articulation issues.)

A: Uhhhh… What now? SHE’S BARELY THREE!

So, what do we do? I really don’t want to be a mom who says, “I have the smartest kid in class because I stay home with her.” Seriously, some mom in my girl’s “Mom’s Morning Out” church said that. Hello? You aren’t always home with him! Hence, the meaning of the “Mom’s Morning Out.” I digress…

As a natural-born researcher (see: my mom), I immediately started researching “development toddler counting backwards” and barely anything popped up. Well, tons of questions about other moms saying how smart their kids are (braggarts), but no real answers. I did find that 4-5 year olds can count to 10, but NaNa’s been doing that for a year. BTW – she can also say her ABCs all the way through by herself, but definitely don’t request her to perform that for you. But, whatever, I’M not a braggart. My kid really is smart. Psychologists have told me. HA.

So, really, what do I do? Do I immediately go in and destroy all of her DVDs, turn off Noggin, and sit down with War & Peace and the Physician’s Reference Guide (or whatever that’s called)?

Just wondering.


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  1. My kid’s a genius too (if you don’t believe me, just has his grandmas). However, every single time we’re at a playdate and he has an opporunity to demonstrate his brilliance so I can gauge by the other mom’s reaction just how genius he is, he suddenly turns into a babbling fool.

    That kid’s SO got my number!

  2. My younger brother had some MAJOR speech issues as a kid (when he started speech therapy he could only say 6 consonent sounds) but when he started taking Advanced Calculus at 14, his comment was, “It’s nice to finally have names for math ideas that have been running around in my head since I was little!” He’s brilliant as an adult and I am constantly amazed by him.

    You could have a little math genius on your hands too!

  3. My parents said that I ‘started reading’ at three. I’m not sure if they mean words or sentences or what, but just have a variety of books available, maybe read from picture-less books occasionally and leave them around in case she want to check them out on their own. Maybe have some adult-level books sitting around in case she’s interested.
    I don’t think you necessarily need to do anything about DVDs or Noggin. Make sure she has blank paper to draw on.
    Good luck! ;D
    [here via VDog, btw]

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