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I wish I was, but I’m not. I try, and I think of trivial things to write all the time, and then I get caught up in stinky pants, starting a new DVD, and working on my store. So, I’ll do my list of why it’s great to work from home.  You’ll notice, I didn’t say anything about the joy of parenting and raising kids.  That’s a given.  I just wanted to say things that are bonuses to having the kids with you.

1. You get to poo in your own toilet. Trust me – this is very important when you have to poo in a public bathroom at your workplace.

2. You can look like ass when you work. Again, trust me. I don’t take many pictures of myself.

3. You can surf the net without someone firing you for checking TMZ and Perez 20 times a day. Not me, just, you know, if you wanted to.

4. You can take a nap any time… Wait, that’s just what non-stay-at-home people think.

5. You take joy in speaking to adults when you can.  Truly.  I’ll talk to anyone over 18 for hours and not even know their names.

What are your favorite things (other than the kids part – duh, that’s why we do it) about being at home?

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  1. 1. You can EAT whenever and whatever you want.

    2. You get to make your own schedule. Work when you want, do stuff with the kids when needed, and take a nap when you really need one instead of sitting in your cubicle/office staring at the computer trying to keep your eye-lids open. 🙂

    3. Not having mommy-guilt is priceless.

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