100 Things

1. I’m a lazy perfectionist.

2. I’m *&%^% pounds overweight.

3. I love my TiVo.

4. I love my children a gazillion times over.

5. I’m mad that I didn’t make #4 #1.

6. I won’t finish this list tonight.

7. I could never marry another man – I’ll marry a woman next time.

8. I check Rosie’s blog several times a day.

9. I have a website that I LOVE running.

10. I love to shop. But I have no money.

11. I love lasagna.

12. I can’t give up soda.

13. I won’t get to 100.

14. I’ll give a $10 off coupon to my online store (Good for the Kids) to my first comment poster. I can’t help but self-promote.

15. I have a Master’s degree. Seriously. Me.

16. I grew up in a town named Niceville. Look it up. It’s for real.

17. I just really discovered bloggers in the last few months. Share yours with me. You other moms are heeelarious.

18. I wish I could write as funny as I am. Really. I crack myself up.

19. I’m a grammar snob. I’ll go back and correct my own grammar and spelling and admonish you in my head if you spell incorrectly.

20. I drive a mini van. (See #4.)

21. I LOVE college football season, even if I don’t watch every down of every game. I just like that it’s on.

22. I’m becoming addicted to blogging.

23. I love my husband dearly.

24. I want to live in a house on a lake I can take a boat out on. (poor grammar)

25. I’m a grammar snob.

26. I’m lazy.  Too lazy to check this list to see that I posted that I’m a grammar snot snob twice. I guess it’s THAT important to me.  How sad…

27. I love Tex-Mex.  More specifically, Tijuana Flats (see #2).

28. I wish I could take better photographs.  I’m pretty good, but I don’t know all of the technical stuff yet.

29. I want to learn Spanish.  I live in Central Florida.  It’s becoming a necessity. Especially on my yearly trip to WalMart.



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  1. “I wish I could write as funny as I am. Really. I crack myself up.”

    Me Too 🙂

    did i win?

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