Blog Day – August 31, 2007

Happy Blog Day! Did you get your Hallmark Blog Day card? I didn’t. But to celebrate, here’s my assignment:

1. r blog – Rosie O’Donnell’s blog about everything in her life and the world. It is her mission to encourage people to ask questions, demand answers, and relate to her stranger-friends. I consider her my stranger-friend.

2. BECAUSE I SAID SO – Mom of 6, Dawn, has recently become viral-/blog-famous because of her eBay posting selling Pokemon cards her kids sneaked into her shopping cart. She’s now experiencing sudden web-fame with her witty stories about her 6 kids. And she let me advertise on her site. A truly laugh-out-loud experience. Seriously. Wear Depends if you’ve birthed kids.

3. and I wasted all that birth control – Mom to 2-year-old Tori speaks of her experiences mothering her daughter in real, true feelings on “paper.” At times she can be a little crude, but all the more reason to love her. I feel a certain kinship with her and her struggles with weight and mothering. I love her because she showed her nipple. Yup. I said it.

4. Cool Mom Picks – The quintessential “check this out” shopping site where moms (alright, and dads) can find the neatest stuff for kids. Check it daily for neato things.

5. TMZ – I never, ever visit this site. Ever. Not 3-5 times a day. Not ever. I don’t care what’s going on in the lives of people I don’t know. Nope. Never visit. Ever.

add to sk*rt


Way too smart 3-year-old

This morning, I get up to Nana already sprawled out on the couch watching Noggin (which, by the way, if you have a toddler whom you allow to watch TV, is a necessity). Today is a school day (not real school, people, but really a Mom’s Morning Out) for the girls, and I think Nana knew it. Recently, she hasn’t been to keen on the idea of going to school, but once she gets there and I’m gone, she’s all smiles. Anyhoo, she’s already aware that if she’s sick, she doesn’t have to go. So, first thing she says to me, “I’m sick. Mine tummy hurts.” She’s 3. What am I in for in the next umpteen years? Dear Oprah…

100 Things

1. I’m a lazy perfectionist.

2. I’m *&%^% pounds overweight.

3. I love my TiVo.

4. I love my children a gazillion times over.

5. I’m mad that I didn’t make #4 #1.

6. I won’t finish this list tonight.

7. I could never marry another man – I’ll marry a woman next time.

8. I check Rosie’s blog several times a day.

9. I have a website that I LOVE running.

10. I love to shop. But I have no money.

11. I love lasagna.

12. I can’t give up soda.

13. I won’t get to 100.

14. I’ll give a $10 off coupon to my online store (Good for the Kids) to my first comment poster. I can’t help but self-promote.

15. I have a Master’s degree. Seriously. Me.

16. I grew up in a town named Niceville. Look it up. It’s for real.

17. I just really discovered bloggers in the last few months. Share yours with me. You other moms are heeelarious.

18. I wish I could write as funny as I am. Really. I crack myself up.

19. I’m a grammar snob. I’ll go back and correct my own grammar and spelling and admonish you in my head if you spell incorrectly.

20. I drive a mini van. (See #4.)

21. I LOVE college football season, even if I don’t watch every down of every game. I just like that it’s on.

22. I’m becoming addicted to blogging.

23. I love my husband dearly.

24. I want to live in a house on a lake I can take a boat out on. (poor grammar)

25. I’m a grammar snob.

26. I’m lazy.  Too lazy to check this list to see that I posted that I’m a grammar snot snob twice. I guess it’s THAT important to me.  How sad…

27. I love Tex-Mex.  More specifically, Tijuana Flats (see #2).

28. I wish I could take better photographs.  I’m pretty good, but I don’t know all of the technical stuff yet.

29. I want to learn Spanish.  I live in Central Florida.  It’s becoming a necessity. Especially on my yearly trip to WalMart.


Not a good blogger

I wish I was, but I’m not. I try, and I think of trivial things to write all the time, and then I get caught up in stinky pants, starting a new DVD, and working on my store. So, I’ll do my list of why it’s great to work from home.  You’ll notice, I didn’t say anything about the joy of parenting and raising kids.  That’s a given.  I just wanted to say things that are bonuses to having the kids with you.

1. You get to poo in your own toilet. Trust me – this is very important when you have to poo in a public bathroom at your workplace.

2. You can look like ass when you work. Again, trust me. I don’t take many pictures of myself.

3. You can surf the net without someone firing you for checking TMZ and Perez 20 times a day. Not me, just, you know, if you wanted to.

4. You can take a nap any time… Wait, that’s just what non-stay-at-home people think.

5. You take joy in speaking to adults when you can.  Truly.  I’ll talk to anyone over 18 for hours and not even know their names.

What are your favorite things (other than the kids part – duh, that’s why we do it) about being at home?

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