TV Rehab for Toddlers?

Is there such a place? Or can someone detox my 3-year-old?  I know.  I’ve done it to her.  We’re (me really) TV
obsessed here in the homestead (AP), so we were delighted to have our daughter enjoy it as well.  That’s all backfired.  It’s become her full-time focus.  Watching Dora, Baby Einstein, Little People, Mickey Mouse, MooseZee (Noggin) constantly.  I tried taking away the TV time this evening, but with only a 90 min nap, that wasn’t pretty.  I caved.

So I ask – is it gradual? Is there a TV detox pill?  Cold turkey?


Yes, I know. Toddlers shouldn’t watch TV. Don’t tell me what I don’t already know. Just some help.

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